PROTEUS Structure Prediction Server 2.0
Comprehensive 2D and 3D structure predictions
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PROTEUS2 is a web server designed to support comprehensive protein structure prediction and structure-based annotation. PROTEUS2 accepts either single sequences (for directed studies) or multiple sequences (for whole proteome annotation) and predicts the secondary and, if possible, tertiary structure of the query protein(s). Unlike most other tools or servers, PROTEUS2 bundles signal peptide identification, transmembrane helix prediction, transmembrane β-strand prediction, secondary structure prediction (for soluble proteins) and homology modeling (i.e. 3D structure generation) into a single prediction pipeline. Using a combination of progressive multi-sequence alignment, structure-based mapping, hidden Markov models, multi-component neural nets and up-to-date databases of known secondary structure assignments, PROTEUS2 is able to achieve among the highest reported levels of predictive accuracy for signal peptides (Q2=94%), membrane spanning helices (Q2=87%) and secondary structure (Q3 score of 81.3% ). PROTEUS2's homology modeling services also provide high quality 3D models that compare favorably with those generated by SWISS-MODEL (within 0.2 Å RMSD). The average PROTEUS2 prediction takes ~2 minutes per query sequence. Source code is also freely available here.
If you use PROTEUS2 in your research, please cite:

Montgomerie S, Cruz JA, Shrivastava S, Arndt D, Berjanskii M, Wishart DS. PROTEUS2: a web server for comprehensive protein structure prediction and structure-based annotation. Nucleic Acids Res. 2008 Jul 1;36(Web Server issue):W202-9. Epub 2008 May 15.

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You can submit your sequence in FASTA Format by pasting the sequence in the box below, or by uploading the file directly to the server.  A prediction will be returned to you. You may also specify the source of the sequence.

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