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Proteus is a high-performing integrated web server and a stand-alone application three high-performing de novo structure prediction methods (PSIPRED, JNET and TRANSSEC [a locally developed predictor]), a jury-of-experts consensus tool and a robust PDB-based structure alignment process to generate all of its secondary structure predictions. For water-soluble protein Proteus is able to achieve a very high level of accuracy (Q3=88%, SOV=90%). In the rare situation (20-30%) where a query protein shows no similarity whatsoever to any known structure, PROTEUS is still able to achieve a Q3 score of 79%. Proteus is not restricted to generating accurate secondary structures for water-soluble proteins, as it appears to perform well for integral membrane proteins (both helix-containing proteins and beta-sheet containing porins) that have remote homologues or a portion of a homologue in the PDB. The 2D-to-3D structure mapping is accomplished with a continually updated PDB secondary structure database available for download (see the downloads section).
If you use Proteus in your research, please cite:

Montgomerie S, Sundararaj S, Gallin WJ, and Wishart DS. Improving the accuracy of protein secondary structure prediction using structural alignment. BMC Bioinformatics. 2006 Jun 14;7:301.

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Last updated July 8, 2015